Five Good Reasons To Retain SRM Projects to Help Plan Your Business Solar PV System

A little professional engineering adds significant value to your solar PV system, especially if your system is 20 kW or larger in capacity.  Here are some good reasons to retain SRM Projects to help you plan your solar PV system:

  1. We can quickly assess your facility to determine if it is a good fit for solar PV;
  2. We can help you determine your existing average annual electricity consumption and whether or not there are obvious, low cost energy conservation measures you can implement before investing in a solar PV system;
  3. We can develop a conceptual solar PV module layout to determine approximate system capacity (kW), annual electricity generation (kWh), cost and expected long term cost of electricity;
  4. We can provide key structural loading information to your structural engineer so they can confirm the capacity of your existing roof;
  5. We can prepare a detailed request for proposals or tender, including comprehensive specifications, that can be issued to several solar PV vendors.  This ensures that all proposals/bids received are all based on the same criteria and high level of quality

Thinking of going solar PV but aren’t sure?  Check out our November 29, 2018 post to see where current costs are and what current tax incentives apply then send us an inquiry!