Ocean Energy Conference Excitement!

Scot Merriam, principal of SRM Projects, just returned to BC after participating in the Canadian mission to the International Conference on Ocean Energy in Dublin, Ireland.  What an amazing experience!  Over 800 delegates attended presentations on all aspects of the emerging ocean energy field, tradeshow exhibits (including a Canada pavilion), networking events and technical tours.  See below for photos.

In September, Scot also attended the Marine Renewables Canada ocean energy conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where over 150 delegates attended presentations and took part in working group sessions to help flesh out action items for Canada’s 2011 Marine Energy Technology Roadmap.  Scot was appointed a director of Marine Renewables Canada at the AGM held during the conference and is excited to help promote this new clean energy source.


Chris Campbell, Marine Renewables Canada (left) and Scot Merriam at ICOE Canada Pavilion


ICOE delegates had the opportunity to visit the worlds longest running, grid connected, commercial scale demo tidal power generator at Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland.  The Marine Current Turbines “Seagen” is a 1.2MW, twin 16 meter turbine unit located in 25 meters of water.  This demo unit has been operating since 2008 and is mounted on a tower to allow the unit to be raised for inspection and maintenance (future units can be mounted completely submerged to avoid navigational interference).  Seagen provides 6,800 MWh/year of power at 95% availability (enough to power 1500 homes).


MCT Seagen Tidal Power Generator During Flood Tide (only red tower top visible)


Peter Fraenkel, co-inventor of Seagen, answering questions from ICOE delegates


ICOE delegates also had the opportunity to visit OpenHydro’s tidal turbine research and manufacturing facility in Greenore, Ireland.  OpenHydro is one of the leading tidal power generator companies, with a grid connected demo unit at the European Marine Energy Centre at Orkney, Scotland.  The OpenHydro design is distinct, with a hole in the center of the turbine blades.


OpenHydro prototypes on display