When we launched SRM Projects in 2007, the mission focused on engineering clean energy projects, because we could see that as population increased, we were going to need more energy – and that it should be clean, to minimize our environmental footprints.

As the years have passed, that original mission has been clarified. We came to realize that the real mission was to help build healthy communities and that energy efficiency and clean energy generation are simply good pathways to that goal.

Whether you are a client, associate, colleague or fellow community volunteer, thank you for working with us to help build healthy communities – it’s a great way to invest one’s time!



Nanaimo Foodshare Solar PV Project Completed With SRM Projects Volunteer Support

Non-profit Nanaimo Foodshare now has a 2.2 kW grid-tied solar PV system thanks to a grant from Mid-Island Coop and volunteer contributions by Osprey Electric Ltd, SRM Projects and other Energy Solutions for Vancouver Island members.  See the Nanaimo News Bulletin article and our Community Projects page for more about this community solar PV demonstration project.IMG_1513

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Axial Tidal Turbine Array

Horizontal Twin Jet Pelton Turbine


Wind Turbine Looking Skyward

Wave Point Absorber Array

Electrical Sub-Station


Ducted Tidal Turbine Test Installation at Race Rocks, BC

Ducted Tidal Turbine Test Installation at Race Rocks, BC



Wind Turbine Nacelle

Hydropower Penstock

Wind Turbine - Near Chetwynd, B.C.

Hydropower Intake Structure

Vertical Pelton Turbine Generator