SRM Sponsors Marine Renewables Canada 2015 Conference

We are happy to once again sponsor Marine Renewables Canada’s 2015 annual conference, held this year in Montreal.  The conference promises to be a forum for discussion about recent industry progress and new and exciting developments.  Keep up the great work!

Unique Tidal and River Current Energy R&D Study Launched

SRM Projects is pleased to be the industry sponsor of a research and development project being completed by BC technology firms Dynamic Systems Analysis and Mavi Innovations and supported by Marine Renewables Canada and the Standards Council of Canada Mirror Committee to IEC/TC114 through a grant from NRCan’s EcoEnergy II program.  Titled “Tidal and River Energy Converter Debris Impact Load and Cable Snag Risk Quantification“, the project will assess the impact of floating debris on hydrokinetic energy converters in oceans and rivers as well as the risk of snagging these devices with marine tow cables, both important issues to understand before deploying marine renewable energy systems.  The work is expected to provide the basis for emerging marine renewable energy standards being developed by Canada and other members of the International Electrotechnical Committee.

Canadian Council on Renewable Electricity Launched

Renewables in Canada are banding together to form one larger voice for more effective advocacy and advancement of renewable energy adoption – the Canadian Council on Renewable Electricity (CanCORE).  For more on this exciting development, see the press release.  We anticipate the efforts of both CanCORE and Clean Energy Canada will make a significant improvement in the focus on renewables at all levels in Canada and beyond.

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Axial Tidal Turbine Array

Horizontal Twin Jet Pelton Turbine


Wind Turbine Looking Skyward

Wave Point Absorber Array

Electrical Sub-Station


Ducted Tidal Turbine Test Installation at Race Rocks, BC

Ducted Tidal Turbine Test Installation at Race Rocks, BC



Wind Turbine Nacelle

Hydropower Penstock

Wind Turbine - Near Chetwynd, B.C.

Hydropower Intake Structure

Vertical Pelton Turbine Generator