SRM Projects can provide engineering, permitting, quality assurance and project management assistance from the conceptual study or FEED phase of project development right on through to construction and commissioning.  While SRM Projects core expertise is mechanical project engineering and management, we have many years of experience leading multi-discipline technical teams to achieve win-win results for all stakeholders.  With our extensive network of associate firms, we can also access environmental, hydrological, hydrographical, geotechnical, civil, structural, electrical, instrumentation and other specialized engineering services to provide a comprehensive team of expertise for developing your project.  For information about specific types of renewable energy project services, please contact us.


General Summary of Services Provided by SRM Projects

  • Preliminary engineering – resource assessments, concept development, budget cost estimating, scheduling, initial funding/permitting applications and development plans
  • Project engineering and management – coordination of a multi-discipline technical assessment and design team as well as liaising with regulators and others
  • Preparation of equipment specifications, issue of quotation requests and comparison of quotes
  • Preparation of installation specifications, issue of tenders and bid comparison
  • Quality assurance – shop inspection of manufactured items and/or field inspection to monitor progress and adherence to specifications


Services for Communities

With the recent drop in the cost of many renewable electricity generation technologies as well as availability of the BC Hydro Net Metering Program and introduction of the Micro Standing Offer Program, many communities are developing plans not only to reduce energy use but to install renewable energy generation systems to offset grid electricity which is rapidly increasing in cost.  First Nations are currently leading BC in this trend and we expect more municipalities to follow.  If your community would like to explore the opportunities, contact us to discuss your needs and vision.  Depending on the community specifics, we may even be able to help you access funding or other support for your project.


Services for New and Growing Project Development Firms

Your firm has some great sites reserved, but can’t yet support the cost of your own project engineering staff.  In addition, the higher overhead of the larger engineering firms doesn’t help in stretching out your scarce venture capital or the limited government funding you have managed to earn.

SRM Projects can assist your budding development firm in providing cost effective project engineering and management services, from conceptual development right on through to installation and commissioning.

In the first stages of bringing your project to life, SRM Projects can help you put together a target implementation schedule and determine the key milestones required to ensure success.  SRM Projects can also assist with optimizing the conceptual design of your project and with determining realistic budgets.

Following this, SRM Projects can manage associate engineering and environmental consultants and liaise with regulators, on your behalf, to keep your project moving swiftly through the preliminary design and approvals stage while allowing you to focus on securing an electricity purchase agreement and the capital needed for installation.

Once the capital and approvals are in place, SRM Projects can then help you assemble a winning detail design and construction team and then direct that team independently, on your behalf, to successfully bring your project to fruition.


Services for Established Project Development Firms

Your firm is experienced and has one or more installations using proven technology.  In fact, your business is now taking off, your current commitments are pushing your internal engineering resources beyond their limits, and you require a little extra engineering support.  Alternately, your firm may recently be expanding to western Canada and you are looking for local knowledge to help establish your presence.

In either case, SRM Projects can help by providing specific project engineering and management support services at any time during your project, from conceptual development to installation and commissioning.

SRM Projects can manage your multi-discipline detail engineering team and environmental consultants and liaise with regulators.  If you already have adequate project management in place, SRM Projects can provide project engineering support or local representation to monitor site activities.

With well established relationships on the British Columbia west coast, SRM Projects can access a variety of skilled local technical, manufacturing and construction resources which can assist in the efficient installation of your project.

For Vancouver Island and the surrounding area, SRM Projects can also provide cost effective quality assurance, including field inspection and monitoring services as well as shop equipment inspection services.