Communication Matters!

In the vast majority of human undertakings, when something goes wrong, it can usually be traced back to a miscommunication, or non-communication.  And while some of our historical challenges in communication were related to limited means for communication, that is certainly not the case today.  In fact, we have a broad variety of communication options at our disposal today and yet somehow seem to be having more challenges with communication!  Why is that?  Well, there are many reasons, and one of the key ones is that any of the communication means that rely on text words and sentences miss conveying the additional “affect” we humans depend on to properly interpret the meaning of that text.  Affect includes things like our facial expression, voice intonation and body language.   The additional information that affect provides can be crucial in certain situations, so the choice of communication method in any human interaction is important.  Our Business Communication Method Selection Guide provides some basic rules of thumb that can be used when contemplating how to communicate your message.  For those wishing to understand the finer nuances of communication and how learning the art can help you and your team win, contact us to help put together a training plan customized for your organization!

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