Past Projects

SRM Projects has a long history of leading teams to success in plant design/installation, resource development and research projects.  For more information about our history, feel free to explore the following pages.

Seymour Narrows - Google Earth View


While we no longer offer Professional Engineering or project management services, SRM Projects has many years of past multi-discipline project engineering and leadership experience in the energy and industrial process sectors.  The projects listed below are some highlights. Wind Energy Resource Assessment – Quatsino First Nation – Performed a mesoscale wind energy resource assessment to …

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Solar Project Team – Energy Solutions for Vancouver Island Scot Merriam of SRM Projects was part of the non-profit Energy Solutions for Vancouver Island (ESVI) volunteer team working to initiate several grid-tied community solar PV energy demonstration projects in the Nanaimo area.  A request for expressions of interest was issued to shortlisted community candidates in …

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SRM Projects initiated tidal energy investigative license applications back in 2012 for several sites around Vancouver Island because we believed marine renewable energy (also called “ocean energy”) was a promising clean power source.  We invested several years researching the potential for tidal energy  at these sites.  While the energy potential was high, the cost of …

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